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Black Nine™

Moto Shoes

Quick Overview

The Speed and Strength®Black Nine™ leather motorcycle shoes feature a leather upper with an anti-slip rubber outsole. The non shank sole is flexible for comfort on and off a bike and comes equipped with an Under Cover™ lacing system to keep the laces secured while riding. Molded toe, heel and ankle reinforcements are included for added protection.

  • Black Black
  • Grey Grey
  • Tan Tan

Product Specs

  • Leather Upper

  • Molded Toe, Heel and Ankle Reinforcements

  • Under Cover™ Lacing System

  • Anti-slip Rubber Outsole

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Size Chart

Size 8 9 10 11 12 13
Length 10.52 10.85 11.18 11.51 11.84 12.17
*all measurements done in inches

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