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  • SS/18 Straight Savage™ Collection

    Introducing the SS/18 Straight Savage™ Collection.

    Watch the new collection video below and see the entire 2018 collection HERE.

  • S/S17 Rage With The Machine™ Collection

    If you're looking for the status quo, you're in the wrong place. We've been bred on a steady diet of tire smoke with healthy doses of unleaded exlixir.

    Consider this a call to arms for our tribe of high-octane addicts: Gather your legion of loud, mayhem fueled machines and prepare to Giver 'er Hell™.

    See the entire 2017 Rage With The Machine™ collection HERE.

  • Bikes Are In My Blood® - The Stories

    It's not a 'lifestyle'. It's who we are. It's written in our DNA. A concept galvanized by generations of gear-heads and their high-octane obsession. From big twins to race ready superbikes, it's not what, it's why. We are one with two.

    We paid a visit to custom bike builders, racers and professional freestyle athletes from across the United States and Canada to get the who, what, when and why bikes are in their blood.

    These are their Bikes Are In My Blood® stories. See them all here.

  • Bikes Are In My Blood® SS/17 Collection

    It's not a 'lifestyle'. It's who we are. It's written in our DNA. A concept galvanized by generations of gear-heads and their high-octane obsession. It's the same reason why millions choose to ride with us every single day.

    As we launch for 2017 we've staked our claim as leaders of the two-wheel communal consciousness that's hell bent for speed. From big twins to race ready superbikes, it's not what, it's why. We are one with two.

    See the entire Bikes Are In My Blood® SS/17 collection HERE


  • KTM 690 Duke by DSR

    We had the privilege of sponsoring this KTM build of Darrel Schneider's from DS Restorations and it was recently featured on the blog Pipeburn;

    "For a car guy, he sure builds an amazing motorcycle; that was the consensus a few years back when Darrell Schneider from DS Restorations (DSR), an award winning car builder of many decades, turned his hand to custom bike building and truly knocked it out of the park with his DSR GP250R café racer. Three years later he’s back with another bike build and just like before the workmanship is first class and it’ll leave many debating once again how exactly do you categorise a DSR build. Starting with a 2013 KTM 690 Duke “The goal was to redesign the bike with a factory race bike theme without loosing the distinct KTM angular, edgy style. I wanted people to see KTM (design and color) but wonder what model or class it was in” explains Darrell."

    See more pictures and read the entire article @ www.pipeburn.com

    Speed and Strength DSR KTM Build

    Speed and Strength DSR KTM Build

  • Six Days of Giveaways: The Winners Board

    Thanks to everyone who participated and Congratulations to all winners!

    Saturday December 19th - Robert Beebe won a Speed and Strength® Tshirt

    Sunday December 20th - Nicolai Logan Moore won Rust and Redemption™ Leather Gloves

    Monday December 21st - Ben Sours won Rust and Redemption™ Armored Jeans

    Tuesday December 22nd - Brett Sanford won Black Nine™ Moto Shoes

    Wednesday December 23rd - Craig Richardson won We, The Fast™ SS1200 Helmet

    Thursday December 24th - Derek Dwyer won Off The Chain 2.0 Jacket

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS and Thanks for riding with Speed and Strength®

  • SSB Light Speed™ Jacket Review

    Super StreetBike Magazine took the Speed and Strength® Light Speed™ jacket for a test run and had some good things to say;

    The Light Speed is a new type and style of jacket than we've typically seen from Speed and Strength. While called a textile jacket, it's actually something quite different. The material feels more like a looser fitting wet suit (don't worry it's not). The AR1000 material stretches quite nicely to fit the contour of your body. The advantage is a secure and snug fit that won't puff or bunch up while tucked at high speeds yet still retains all the comfort of a textile jacket.

    Also for those that prefer a more subtle look to their riding gear, the Lightspeed is near perfect. With just a single colored sleeve, there is minimal badging with only two small SS black-on-black logos (Note: Our tested jacket had added SSB Logos). For nighttime riding, a reflective stripe runs along the front and back of the jacket, and is almost unnoticeable unless being lit from oncoming headlights.
    Inside, the back, shoulders and elbows are protected with C.E. armor. The shoulders have external harder armor for added safety. There's also adjusters to custom fit the sleeves and waist. Special zippered openings on the sleeve and back allow air flow when the temperatures heat up.

    If you're looking for a riding jacket that will serve you well for the majority of street riding, and don't like looking like a Nascar car full of logos, the Lightspeed might be the perfect choice.

    See the full review here

  • Buckets 4 Breast Cancer

    From RevZilla.com;

    October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and throughout the entire month, RevZilla is partnering with Living Beyond Breast Cancer to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer support. In previous years, the Buckets for Breast Cancer campaign has been successful, and building off of that, in 2015 we hope to go even further. RevZilla is donating a total of $7,500 to LBBCand we’d like to give the ZLA Army the opportunity to take part as well. During the month of October there will be a “Donate Now” option for you to add to any order, and will be present at check out.

    On October 24th during the Butterfly Ball black tie gala in Philadelphia, PA, Speed and Strength has partnered with RevZilla to donate two complete helmet-to-boot S&S motorcycle outfits to the silent auction. 

    You can learn more and on how to donate @ http://www.revzilla.com/buckets

    Buckets for Breast Cancer

  • SSgear Kit Winners Board

    The SSgear Kit Giveaway draw was a huge success! We gave out a ton of t-shirts and saw thousands of entries over the last month.

    Big thanks to everyone who participated!


    Grand Prize SSgear Kit Winner;


    • Debi Thompson


    Daily T-Shirt Winners; 


    • Brad Knopp
    • David Quinones
    • Gabe Lobato
    • Adam Shill
    • Norman Labbe
    • Mark Ebert
    • Elie
    • Seth Grossman
    • Danny Morgado
    • Rodrigue Benjamin
    • Jake Coyle
    • Mike Sharland
    • Kevin Mccomb
    • Matthew Harris
    • Joshua Morris
    • Denise Thigpen
    • Todd Mills
    • Jessy Haugh
    • Kevin Graham
    • Don Maddox
    • Joshua
    • Luis Landeros
    • Debi Thompson
    • James Yerina
    • Adam Swanson
    • Rafael
    • Anna Mcarty
    • Anthony Selca
    • Casey Musselman
    • Ben Canterbury
    • Katie Lovelace
  • Man & Metal: Part 2

    NameTag Films brings us Part 2 of the 'Man & Metal' series featuring Junior of Retro Moto:

    "Stripped of his natural environment, Junior Burrell forces us to focus on the visual beauty and sounds of metal being hand shaped into a seat cowl."

    "Second in a series of creative films following the life of a hand built Cafe Racer motorcycle and its creator, Junior. Man & Metal was born of a creative personal project in which Chris Rupert gives himself creative rules to follow in each mini film. Junior also has given himself creative rules he must follow in the build of this cafe racer."

    Man & Metal No. 2 from Nametag Films on Vimeo.

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