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Eslick Takes Back to Back Daytona Victories

Danny Eslick took the win on the weekend at the Daytona International Speedway for the 74th annual Daytona 200.

Riding on the TOBC racing Suzuki GSX-R600, Danny crossed the finish line .086 seconds ahead of rival Josh Herrin. The race was riddled with red flags but saw some intense action in the final laps.

Herrin said from the podium: “I thought I was going to be able hold him off”

“Those last couple of laps were pretty crazy,” Danny said. “I thought I was all by myself and looked back and there’s big number two.  So I kind of eased up. I knew he was going to catch me and I didn’t want him to catch me right there at the end. He did right what I wanted, he went by me and I drafted pass him across the line. It was just kind of textbook draft passing at Daytona.”

Congratulations to the TOBC racing team and Danny Eslick for netting his second straight Daytona win.

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