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Ryan Hawco's We, The Fast™ Bike

Ryan picked up a brand new Kawasaki ZX6R last year with a little help from Blackfoot Motorsports. The bike had absolutely zero km on it when it rolled out of the dealership. 


Ryan says, “I have always tried my best to have a nice clean looking bikes but with this new one my main goal was to make it my nicest bike build yet.”

After bringing the bike home in November Ryan rolled it onto his lift where it sat until just a few weeks ago. He stripped almost every stock piece off the bike; bodywork, gearing, traction control, exhaust etc.


The first thing was to cut the Hot Bodies Racing bodywork to fit the bike and prep it for the Speed and Strength ‘We, The Fast™’ wrap.

Once that was done Ryan sent the bodywork to Scott Gerbrandt of www.37inc.ca to work his vinyl magic. Scott came up with his own idea of wrapping the rims and front forks of the bike to match the bodywork. 

The final product speaks for itself.


The following is everything Ryan added to the bike:

  • Hindle Exhaust Evolution Full System
  • Racing 905 Crash Cage, Subframe Cage and EZ Pull Clutch Lever
  • Apex MFG Adjustable Clip-ons
  • HEL Brake lines
  • Thrust Company Front and Rear Sprockets
  • EK MVXZ Chain
  • Hot Bodies Race Bodywork
  • Guhl Motors ECU Flash
  • Elka Suspension Stage 4 Rear Shock
  • NDC Dual Caliper Bracket w/ Big Rotor Kit
  • Brembo T-Drive Front Rotors, .484 Front Calipers and Handbrake Caliper, 16 RCS Handbrake Master and 19 RCS Front Brake Master
  • Runman Rear Sets
  • Dicks Customs Gas Tank, Fairing Stay, Radiator Cage with Added Dual Fans and Reinforced Subframe

Hawco-Freestyle-2015-4426 Hawco-Freestyle-2015-4395 Hawco-Freestyle-2015-4396 Hawco-Freestyle-2015-4394 Hawco-Freestyle-2015-4402



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