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SSB Light Speed™ Jacket Review

Super StreetBike Magazine took the Speed and Strength® Light Speed™ jacket for a test run and had some good things to say;

The Light Speed is a new type and style of jacket than we've typically seen from Speed and Strength. While called a textile jacket, it's actually something quite different. The material feels more like a looser fitting wet suit (don't worry it's not). The AR1000 material stretches quite nicely to fit the contour of your body. The advantage is a secure and snug fit that won't puff or bunch up while tucked at high speeds yet still retains all the comfort of a textile jacket.

Also for those that prefer a more subtle look to their riding gear, the Lightspeed is near perfect. With just a single colored sleeve, there is minimal badging with only two small SS black-on-black logos (Note: Our tested jacket had added SSB Logos). For nighttime riding, a reflective stripe runs along the front and back of the jacket, and is almost unnoticeable unless being lit from oncoming headlights.
Inside, the back, shoulders and elbows are protected with C.E. armor. The shoulders have external harder armor for added safety. There's also adjusters to custom fit the sleeves and waist. Special zippered openings on the sleeve and back allow air flow when the temperatures heat up.

If you're looking for a riding jacket that will serve you well for the majority of street riding, and don't like looking like a Nascar car full of logos, the Lightspeed might be the perfect choice.

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