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  • Clint Ewing's Purple Crush Tour

    Clint Ewing spent the summer months in 2014 touring the country like a rock star for his successful ‘Against The Odds Tour.’ It was just Clint, Two bikes, a promo girl all crammed into one little Van. For 2015 he's kicking it up a notch with a shiny new bike, two promo girls and a massive RV for this years 'Purple Crush' tour - sponsored by Speed and Strength, BikeMaster and Dunlop.

    Be sure to follow Clint on Instagram to catch all the tour action from now until August and check back here for up to date information on all the tour stops that he’ll be making along the way. 

    11228918_982740198412206_3268787247660835245_n Speed and Strength | Clint Ewing's Purple Crush Tour Speed and Strength | Clint Ewing's Purple Crush Tour Speed and Strength | Clint Ewing's Purple Crush Tour Speed and Strength | Clint Ewing's Purple Crush Tour

  • Frankie Stotz Joins Speed and Strength

    Speed and Strength is excited to welcome drag racer Frankie Stotz of Stotz Racing to the SS family for the 2015 season.

    Frankie is the son of 4 time AMA ProStar Pro Street Bike National Champion Kent Stotz and in 2011, he broke a 4 year old National Record at the Manufacturers Cup race, becoming the first DOT legal Turbo Pro Street Bike to break into the sixes (6.98).

    Frankie will be racing this weekend (May 15 - 17) in the Pro Street class at the NHDRO Spring opening at Indy.

    We’re looking forward to a fast and strong 2015 season.

    Speed and Strength Welcomes Frankie Stotz

  • The Cruise Missile™ Bike

    Built in 20 days by Dave Cutler, owner of C4-REVOLUTIONS in Orlando, Florida.

    By far his hardest and most fun build, the Cruise Missile™ bike is Dave’s monument to everyone thats loves the 2 wheel lifestyle. With the American muscle Harley Davidson motor, the sportbike geometry of the chassis, the race bike components, the flat track feel, the stunt riding parts and the popular cafe seat and tail. All of it coming together in one machine offering something for everybody to appreciate, uniting every group into one idea. A true marriage of class and style.

    Speed and Strength Cruise Missile Bike by Dave Cutler Speed and Strength Cruise Missile Bike by Dave Cutler Speed and Strength Cruise Missile Bike by Dave Cutler Speed and Strength Cruise Missile Bike by Dave Cutler

  • Junior Burrell | Man & Metal

    Junior Burrell of Retro Moto hit the pages of Pipeburn last month with his ’89 BMW R100 build - A wedding gift for a friend. Why bother seeing what’s listed on you’re friends wedding registry, when you can build a beauty like this. The final results are stunning and really, we wouldn’t expect anything less.


    Nametag Films took notice of Junior’s work and has started a five part web series titled ‘Man & Metal.’ The series will follow him through a build from beginning to end and will shed some light into Junior's process and how he brings his concepts to life.

    The first segment is pretty cool and it looks like we’re going to be following Junior through the BMW build from last months Pipeburn article. We can’t wait to see more.

  • Ryan Hawco's We, The Fast™ Bike

    Ryan picked up a brand new Kawasaki ZX6R last year with a little help from Blackfoot Motorsports. The bike had absolutely zero km on it when it rolled out of the dealership. 


    Ryan says, “I have always tried my best to have a nice clean looking bikes but with this new one my main goal was to make it my nicest bike build yet.”

    After bringing the bike home in November Ryan rolled it onto his lift where it sat until just a few weeks ago. He stripped almost every stock piece off the bike; bodywork, gearing, traction control, exhaust etc.


    The first thing was to cut the Hot Bodies Racing bodywork to fit the bike and prep it for the Speed and Strength ‘We, The Fast™’ wrap.

    Once that was done Ryan sent the bodywork to Scott Gerbrandt of www.37inc.ca to work his vinyl magic. Scott came up with his own idea of wrapping the rims and front forks of the bike to match the bodywork. 

    The final product speaks for itself.


    The following is everything Ryan added to the bike:

    • Hindle Exhaust Evolution Full System
    • Racing 905 Crash Cage, Subframe Cage and EZ Pull Clutch Lever
    • Apex MFG Adjustable Clip-ons
    • HEL Brake lines
    • Thrust Company Front and Rear Sprockets
    • EK MVXZ Chain
    • Hot Bodies Race Bodywork
    • Guhl Motors ECU Flash
    • Elka Suspension Stage 4 Rear Shock
    • NDC Dual Caliper Bracket w/ Big Rotor Kit
    • Brembo T-Drive Front Rotors, .484 Front Calipers and Handbrake Caliper, 16 RCS Handbrake Master and 19 RCS Front Brake Master
    • Runman Rear Sets
    • Dicks Customs Gas Tank, Fairing Stay, Radiator Cage with Added Dual Fans and Reinforced Subframe

    Hawco-Freestyle-2015-4426 Hawco-Freestyle-2015-4395 Hawco-Freestyle-2015-4396 Hawco-Freestyle-2015-4394 Hawco-Freestyle-2015-4402



  • The Woodsman Cup: A Different Kind of Race

    Billed as The weirdest bike rally in Orlando since 2013, the original idea for the Woodsman Cup was to blend a bike meet and rally race together. The gathering allows a mixture of ALL sorts of bikes, from scooters to superbikes, to come together and ride because in the end it doesn’t matter what you ride as long as you’re out enjoying it.

    Racing for the event is done through the woods on a 1/4 mile groomed flat track . Anyone and any bike at any skill level can come out and participate. Everyone is welcome and no one is excluded.  There’s a concert of live music from some of central Florida's best local bands, an all day cook out, raffle prizes and the chance to win a new ride. 

    It’s all about community and getting people together to have a good time. Racing street bikes on the dirt doesn't make sense, but neither does anything else these days. These aren't your AMA pros, or even your local track runners. These are the weekend warriors. The true lovers of two wheels, who want nothing else than to ride with their peers. The last modern day Woodsmen.




    Speed and Strength At The Woodsmand Cup

    Speed and Strength At The Woodsman Cup

    Speed and Strength At The Woodsman Cup

    Speed and Strength At The Woodsman Cup

    Speed and Strength At The Woodsman Cup

    Speed and Strength at The Woodsman Cup

    Speed and Strength At The Woodsman Cup

    Speed and Strength At The Woodsman Cup

    Speed and Strength At The Woodsman Cup

    Speed and Strength At The Woodsman cup

    Speed and Strength At The Woodsman Cup

    Speed and Strength At The Woodsman Cup

  • Eslick Takes Back to Back Daytona Victories

    Danny Eslick took the win on the weekend at the Daytona International Speedway for the 74th annual Daytona 200.

    Riding on the TOBC racing Suzuki GSX-R600, Danny crossed the finish line .086 seconds ahead of rival Josh Herrin. The race was riddled with red flags but saw some intense action in the final laps.

    Herrin said from the podium: “I thought I was going to be able hold him off”

    “Those last couple of laps were pretty crazy,” Danny said. “I thought I was all by myself and looked back and there’s big number two.  So I kind of eased up. I knew he was going to catch me and I didn’t want him to catch me right there at the end. He did right what I wanted, he went by me and I drafted pass him across the line. It was just kind of textbook draft passing at Daytona.”

    Congratulations to the TOBC racing team and Danny Eslick for netting his second straight Daytona win.

  • Speed and Strength Rider Of The Month

    What do you ride?

    I ride a 2010 Ninja 600R - she's a black beauty named 'Velvet'

    How did you first become attracted to motorcycles?

    An uncle had a sport bike and I fell in love with it. After being clean and sober for 2 years - I treated myself to a healthy new lifestyle - and a new motorcycle fit into that healthy lifestyle.

    What was your first motorcycle?

    Velvet is my first motorcycle.

    What is your dream bike that you'd like to own?

    My dream bike is a 2015 Kawasaki ZX-10.

    Currently, what is your favourite road to ride?

    I like to ride up to 'Belvedere Lookout' which is in Gatineau Park. It is beautiful and to get up there, it is literally like 'The Fast and The Furious.' If only I could drift. I also like riding around Rideau Canal.

    What is a destination you would like to make in the future?

    I definitely want to ride through the Rock Mountains someday

    Do you have a favourite band?

    My favourites are 'Skrillex' and 'Zeds Dead.' I listen to a lot of dubstep.

    Any words that you live by?

    Yes, 'The mind is a powerful force, it can enslave us or empower us. It can plunge us into depts of misery or take us to heights of ecstasy. Learn to use the power wisely."

    I also have a tattoo that reads: 'Follow your heart'

    Where/What is your local bike shop?

    My local shop is 'Loeselle Sport'

    Speed and Strength | Rider of The Month

  • 10th Annual Patriot Ride Kick-Off Party

    Dennis Kirks’ Patriot Ride happens every year to great success, raising money and awareness for those who are and those that have served. All from the proceeds from the charity ride go to the Minnesota Patriot Guard, Minnesotans’ Military Appreciation Fund, and Tribute To The Troops.

    This year marks the 10th annual ride and there are a number of warm up events that lead up to the actual ride on June 20th.

    Kicking things into gear first, the ‘Chili Feed’ kick off party happens Saturday March 7th at Maxx Bar and Grill in Ham Lake, Minnesota from 1 to 5pm. 15$ gets you all you can eat chili and all you can drink beer and pop. All proceeds go towards the Patriot Ride.

    Raffle tickets are being sold for the chance to win a 2015 Harley Road Glide or 15K in cash. Only 5000 tickets total - that’s better odds than the lottery!

    Patriot Ride raffle tickets and merchandise will also be available for purchase at the 'Chili Feed' party.  


  • Eslick to Defend 2014 Daytona 200 Win With TOBC Racing

    Press release from TOBC Racing:

    TOBC Racing To Field Eslick In 2015 Daytona 200

    TOBC Racing is pleased to announce they will be entering Danny Eslick in the 74th Annual Daytona 200, scheduled to run March 14, 2015, at Daytona International Speedway. Eslick, the winner of the 2014 Daytona 200, will be riding a Dunlop-shod Suzuki GSX-R600 in the 57-lap endurance race.

    Michelle Lindsay, TOBC's new team owner shared, "TOBC has had great success at Daytona in the past and we are looking forward to returning with Danny Eslick for the 200. We have a Champion rider and a Championship crew including team manager Scott Harwell, Frank Aragaki, and Robin Hawley. We are also working with a group of great sponsors for this race: Miracle Motorsports, TOBC Racing, Dunlop Tires, Ballistic Batteries, Superbike Supply, TighTails Sub-frames, Chicken Hawk Racing, and Arai Helmets. We couldn't be more excited about this race, the team we have assembled, and the support that we're receiving."

    Eslick said, "I am really excited to be heading to Daytona again! Looking forward to defending my 2014 win with the TOBC racing team. It will be a lot of fun getting to work with some crew that I have worked with in the past, and I'd also like to thank my personal sponsors Speed and Strength, Arai Helmets, and Jim and Pat for their continued support."

    For more information or to follow TOBC's racing efforts, go to:


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