Moment of Truth™

Moto Shoe


The Moment of Truth Moto Shoe proves that a riding shoe can perform as good as it looks.

The Genuine Leather & Textile Upper Construction gives support and ventilation where it’s needed for this tough shoe with Casual Cruiser Style and Performance. The days of dangerous, loose laces will be a thing of the past thanks to the Adjustable Lace Hold Down Strap; with the option to slip in through the Rear Zipper.



8 892355
9 892356
10 892357
11 892358
12 892359
13 892360


Size Chart

Men’s Moto Shoes

Size 8 9 10 11 12 13
Length 10.56 10.83 11.22 11.57 11.89 12.20
*all measurements done in inches

Synthetic leather and mesh upper

Micro-breathable mesh inner liner

High density anti-slip rubber outsole

C.E. EN 13634:2017 rated protection

C.E. Approved Internal ankle, heel and toe reinforcements

Reinforced toe shifter pad


Lace closure and ankle strap


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