United by Speed™

Moto Shoe


The United By Speed™ moto shoe from Speed and Strength® delivers on its promise of supreme protection without sacrificing your comfort or style. Built with a synthetic microfiber leather upper, we’ve added an internal breathable mesh lining as well as perforated panels on the outside. For increased performance, the shoes come equipped with molded C.E. approved internal ankle, toe and heel protection as well as a convenient lace-loop snap, to help avoid any unwanted snags.


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9 889565 889571
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Size Chart

Men’s Moto Shoes

Size 8 9 10 11 12 13
Length 10.56 10.83 11.22 11.57 11.89 12.20
*all measurements done in inches

Synthetic leather upper with perforated panels

Micro-breathable mesh inner liner

Internal ankle, toe and heel reinforcements

Micro-breathable mesh inner liner

C.E. EN 13634:2017 rated protection

Molded internal ankle, toe and heel reinforcements

Reinforced toe shifter pad

Lace-loop snap

Anti-slip rubber outsole

Lace closure

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